Sunday, 18 March 2012

Let the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games begin!

First off, let me just emphasise how goddamn terrifying it is to hand in your résumé to stores. I was so awkward. I didn't want any customers to overhear what I was saying, so I waited til there was no one else left in the shop (which made me look like a bloody shoplifter or something), and then I sort of.. sidled over to the shop assistant and half-asked, half-whispered if they were hiring at the moment. Oh god. I walked out of each shop wanting to punch myself in the face for being such a tool.
Thank god I got that over with. On the bus ride back home, a weight lifted off my chest and I breathed a (tiny) sigh of relief. Now I'll probably end up dying waiting for my phone to ring.

Anyway, this week is a non-teaching week at uni (I think it's actually called a "study week", but who am I kidding? as if any studying is going to occur), so I'm pretty pleased, although I do have an essay due on Friday,  but as you know, that will be a Thursday night job. Sigh. You'd think that knowing I will procrastinate, I would make myself start it earlier. But in fact, because I know that's what I'm going to do, it's almost like that's my timetable/organisation already laid out and I can relax (what kind of a stupid thinking pattern is that?). But basically, none of this uni stuff matters because THE HUNGER GAMES IS COMING OUT IN 3 DAYS. 3 days. 2 sleeps. I'm practically hyperventilating. Cameron and I STILL haven't figured out how we're getting there (MIDNIGHT PREMIERE) or anything like that, but we don't give a shit. We're not even thinking clearly, hahahaha. It's just going to be so exciting. I don't think Cameron realises though, that I'll probably be crying throughout the whole movie. I wish that was an exaggeration but it's not. Plus, the cinema attendants will probably have to drag me by my ankles out of the cinema because I refuse to leave. After it finishes, I'm going to be a mess. And I will probably go and see it again in cinemas at least another half a dozen times. Ahem. Who said that?...

These are going to be my supplies in my bag for the midnight premiere:
  • Tissues (maybe 2 boxes.. or 3.. can't decide)
  • Camera (so I can take 10 photos of each cardboard cut out then cry over the photos later)
  • Phone (to call Chloe whilst weeping hysterically afterwards)
  • iPod (to listen to "Safe and Sound" whilst crying in the car on the way there)
  • Valium (to calm myself down and prevent myself from screaming in anticipation)
  • An apology letter to Cameron (for whimpering next to him and getting snot on his shirt)
I'll think of more later. Maybe I should take 4 boxes of tissues... just in case. If you have any other suggestions, let me know! I need to be equipped with everything before I go in to the most anticipated event of 2012. Okay, maybe that's not exactly correct, but just roll with it. Remember: only 3 days to go!


Monday, 5 March 2012

food for thought.

Do you ever just stop and realise how lucky you are? I do. All the time. I'll go to the bathroom (I'll spare you the details), go to the sink, wash my hands and realise how simple those actions are, but how few people in the world can do them. I just walked from my flushing toilet (which uses more water in one flush than most third world citizens get in one day to drink), through my safe, spacious house, to my bathroom, where I can turn a tap and have running water whenever I want.

Now, it's exhausting to think like this constantly (believe me), but every once in a while; stop. Wherever you are, just stop what you're doing and think about how lucky you are. Studies have shown it can boost your wellbeing just by occasionally thinking about how fortunate you are and how many good things you have in your life.  The next time you feel ripped off 'cos your friends all got iPhones for their birthdays and your mum only gave you $100; stop. Your priorities are out of whack, and you need to remember: if you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep you are richer than 75% of the world. 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bedlam and booze


The past couple of weeks have been a blur (how can it be the 1st of March already?); I can basically sum them up in two words: bedlam and booze. Am proud to say I have already survived two weeks back at uni. My second year.. didn't get off to the best start (and am already choosing not to do homework, oops), but I am getting by despite my revolting early morning starts and high-blood pressure in peek hour traffic (how do people do it every day?!).

My first day back at uni got off to an awful start: I missed one of my buses, I had to go and buy  two more books after the unit co-ordinators added more last minute material, and one of my tutes wasn't on (because it was the first week), so I had a huge break with nothing to do. Blah. However, my solution to these mishaps was simple: the tav! Of course. I met Tanya there during lunch break (and happy hour, thank you very much) and I was reminded that uni wasn't that horrible after all. It really only takes a jug of beer to realise this.

My media unit (I'm doing 2 politics units and 1 media unit) is going to be extremely full-on, I noticed about 3 minutes into the lecture, and my politics units are going to require a lot of reading (this was already obvious when I went to buy all 7 books..). However, with the second week coming to an end, things have calmed down a bit and I am recovering from my original stroke from first day nerves. Of course, it hasn't all been about uni...

Chloe's letter came last week and I almost fainted. Why yes, I do anticipate her beautiful letters, why do you ask? My stepdad came in holding the letter and asked "Is this your thing from eBay you're waiting for?".
"NO IT'S A BILLION TIMES BETTER AND I THINK I MIGHT FAINT IF I TOUCH IT JESUS CHRIST". Okay, I didn't actually say that; I just said "Nope, but I was still expecting it, thanks" and ran- erm I mean, walked normally to my room. After I read it, I just wanted to sell all of my belongings and buy a one-way ticket to New Zealand. Alas, I fought this urge and simply settled for re-reading the letter. Jesus Christ, she is amazing.

Okay, moving on, before I start to get too "rom-com" on you. I also went to a "Women in Media" event I'd been looking forward to for weeks. It was at the Telethon Institute, and the amazing Stella Young (media commentator/journalist/comedian/everything) was being interviewed onstage by Geraldine Mellet (ABC journalist/broadcaster), specifically about disabilities and media coverage about disability. I'd been invited, and was very looking forward to it, and after painful incidents with public transport and having to ask 3 different people for directions, I managed to get there and had a great time. I "mingled" (you know, tried not to be my awkward self) with journalists/people from media & disability organisations etc. Plus.. free wine and food! How would that not add up to a brilliant night? Of course, because I am me, I drank too much wine and probably talked too much (and text messages may have been involved, but I refuse to go into that).

Now, seeing as it's March the 1st, this means only 22 days until The Hunger Games. THE FREAKING HUNGER GAMES. Am trying not to wish for time to go faster, only because I have an essay due around the 30th of March that I know in my heart I will not be prepared for in the slightest. Cameron & I are going to the midnight premiere, of course, and I am so damn excited. So. Damn. Excited. We don't even know how we're getting there and back, or what to do afterwards (seeing as we have uni the next day haha), but we're both too excited to care.

Yes, my past two weeks have been filled with too much to do and too much alcohol. Never thought I'd admit that there was such thing, especially regarding the latter, but there you go. Eager (and weary) to find out what March will bring me. Currently watching Dirty Dancing (or "Half-naked Patrick Dempsey/Jennifer Grey's torso") whilst sipping tea. Hope your night is as classy as mine, dear reader.  I must go, other activities beckon (ice cream and my Take 5 magazine).