Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Well, it's only halfway through the month, but boy what a month it's been already. I've accomplished so much! Okay, well, not really. But it's been pretty full-on. Seems everything is happening at once.

Firstly, I must confess that I haven't done any more pre-reading for university. And before you tell me off (I don't know how you'd do that, but I'm sure you'd find a way), I know I'm only screwing myself over by not doing them. I procrastinate so often that I procrastinate while I'm procrastinating. It's terrible. So I fully accept that I will want to kick my own ass in about 6 weeks. In the meantime, I will continue to watch 30 Rock and Glee with my word puzzles and tea because I am just that cool. Moving on.

Secondly, I finally sent Gail's package. I've been meaning to send my last host mum (from rotary exchange) a package I'd put together full of Australian stuff, homemade stuff my mum made, bits & bobs, but I never got round to it. I meant to send it LAST MARCH. Yes, it's taken me 11 months to get off my ass and send it. Like I said, I procrastinate from my procrastination. So I went to the post office and sent it. It cost me $60 to send. 60. The lady behind the counter looked at the sending address and said "Um, just to let you know, the United States actually has an additional fee for any packages over 500 grams, okay?". I just laughed. Sometimes I can't stand America. I just replied "Of course they do" and paid the fucking fee. Bastards. As long as you're safe from terrorists, right guys? Pfht.

Thirdly, I called Vicki! Vicki is the mum of one of my friends from rotary exchange (gorgeous Liz), and she works in journalism/media, and I'd been meaning to get in touch with her about exploring my opportunities, that sort of thing, but I had lost her contact card. Anyway, long story short, I finally called her and I'm attending a "Women in Media" event on the 29th, where I'll see her face-to-face as well. YAY! Very nervous though. As a  girl, my first thought was, of course, "oh shit, what do I wear?". I have yet to find something. Somehow I don't think my jeans and Led Zeppelin shirt will be welcome. But that's just the impression I'm getting.

Fourthly, we made it Facebook official! Aha. Won't go into details because those reading this (Lol, anyone?) probably know me from Facebook or tumblr, so you know what the deal is. Basically, I am extremely happy with an amazing person. The Peeta to my Katniss! Although I am not as bloody emotionally oblivious as Katniss.

Fifthly (heading into weird sounding words now), I finished a few more books: The Moral Landscape, 1984, and Inside Wikileaks. Am now reading The Reader, although I've already read most of it years ago, and recently saw the film, so I know what it's about. Still, it's nice to read it again. This sentiment also has nothing to do with the fact that Kate Winslet is naked on the cover. God bless the movie.

Sixthly, I've basically ran out of things, but really wanted to say "sixthly". I have a going away party to attend this weekend for a friend who's moving to Melbourne (like everyone from Perth does, sigh). It's a theme party, which should be fun (I have yet to think of a costume), but I'm going to be pretty sad because I'm really going to miss him. Then university starts on Monday. 6am starts and 4pm finishes. This high that I am currently riding on seems to be evaporating fairly quickly as I type (melancholy laugh). Shall keep you informed of my shenanigans as the days progress!


Friday, 10 February 2012

"I believe life is for the living."

Hello all. Recently I've been a tad... down in the dumps, shall we say, and I'm a bit tired of reflecting on the negatives of my life (lack of money, no job, inability to travel anywh- Oh god I'm doing it now! arggghhh!), so I've decided to create a post about the most amazing things I have done in my life to make myself feel better. So here we go. Also, keep in mind that most of this is recollection and I have the memory of goldfish, so this list may not be 100% complete.

1. Travelled to two third world countries (Mozambique in 2003 and Papua New Guinea in 2011).
2. Met a Holocaust survivor.
3. Did the polar bear dip in Canada (jumping into an ice lake when it's freezing outside).
4. Worked at a radio station as an intern.
5. Went quad biking/four wheeling in mountains in Idaho.
6. Met my three favourite comedians (Adam Hills, Frank Woodley, Arj Barker).
7. Went on rotary exchange for a year in 2010.
8. Been to New York City.
9. Stood outside the White House.
10. Went kayaking/canoeing with my best friend for 6 hours in the ocean.
11. Spontaneously went swimming at the beach wearing all my clothes (with the same best friend).
12. Laid down in a meadow all night with one of my best friends from the rotary tour (it doesn't sound that great, but it means so much to me).
13. Went skiing four times (three times in America, once in Australia).
14. Acquired a piece of the Berlin wall, and touched the ruins of the twin towers.
15. Was a half-time act at a concert (comedy act with one of my friends).
16. Attended 3 all-weekend festivals in total.
17. Been to Singapore over 8 times.
18. Had an article I wrote published in a music magazine.
19. Fell in love.

This is what leaps to mind at the moment. Some things may not be very significant to you, dear reader, but all of these things holds something special for me.


-Had lunch with 4 MPs at Government House
-Been on a road trip four times across/around Australia with my family
-Stood 2 metres away from the Queen (and she waved at me and my mum!!)
-Driven(?) a speed boat
-Been up the Empire State Building and the Space Needle
-Done some things in Nelson, British Columbia with rotary student that involve African tequila and herbs

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

This bitch..

Today I went to my local shopping centre (which is about a 15 min bus ride away) to take back a backpack I had bought for uni. I really liked it initially, but I sort of tried it out a few times, and realised it was quite uncomfortable, and today was the last day I could take it back to the store for a refund, so I went in.

I got to the counter and the two shop assistants were talking and giggling to each other ("bloody teenagers", says the 19 year old), so I sort of cleared my throat awkwardly (and at that moment realised I still had bed hair. Oops). Anyway, one of the girls comes to the counter to serve me, and I explain to her that I want to get a refund, I just didn't really like the bag, etc. I handed her the receipt and sort of looked around in what I can only describe as a shop that would always be too trendy and too expensive for me. She sort of examined the receipt, and scrutinised the bag closely and ran her fingers over it. I tried not to look at her too weirdly as she did that. Then finally she turns to me and says (in this "I'm-not-really-sorry-but-my-job-requires-me-to-sound-like-I-give-a-shit" voice), "Yeah, look, I'm really sorry about this, but we can't actually take this bag back and sell it; there's a run on the material at the top here (and she gestures to what appears to be a non-existent mark), so we can't give you a cash refund on it unfortunately." I sort of went "URGH" and sighed, perhaps a little too dramatically, and said, bloody irritated "So I can't get a refund or anything?". She said the best she could give me was store credit. Fuck. I grudgingly accepted and sulked off with my fucking store credit.

So now I have store credit for this stupid bloody hip store and no bag. I could've kept the bag, but I really didn't need it (or want it anymore), and felt that maybe I could get something I actually need in the future at the store (the store credit lasts for 6 months). I was just so irritated about that bitch's authority though. She looked about my age too. It's like, clearly this is the most power she can exercise over someone, so she's going to take full advantage of my dazed expression and haphazard hairdo. I suppose it could be worse, I could get nothing back. I was just extremely annoyed at how the whole situation played out. I felt like strangling her. I didn't even see a bloody run/mark on the bag. And naturally, the minute I start to walk away, I think of all the witty things I should've said. Alas.

This entry basically had no point whatsoever. I just felt the need to share my first-world woes with you. Continue about your day.


Monday, 6 February 2012

The girl on fire.

I have no soul. I have no heart. It's been broken a billion times and shattered in front of my eyes.
"But how, Ellen?" I hear you ask (you're probably not asking, but I don't care). Because I finally read The Hunger Games trilogy. What pain! What anguish! I downloaded the books as .pdf files and spent Saturday and Sunday completely engrossed (which is difficult when you're looking at a computer screen for that long, with such deep concentration). Basically, I ate two meals over the stretch of the two days, and had about 5 bathroom breaks. It consumed me. I'm probably making it more intense than it sounds, but it was truly engaging. Now I just have to wait for March 23rd. Sigh.

Now, apart from losing my soul, not a lot has been happening. University starts in two weeks. As lazy as this sounds, I don't want to go back so soon (I've been on holidays since early December, but shut up). Time really has flown by. I've gotten so used to reading all day, taking my dog for a walk whenever I want... alas, my leisure time will soon vanish. I want to do the right thing and pre-read some stuff before I go back, and I have gotten a third of a way through one of my Security books. The only problem being I have 7 books (at least 600 pages each). Fuck. Not to mention the material is as dry as a bone. I have to read the same sentence about nine times before I actually understand it. I am dreading actually having to do the readings by myself. I almost need a translator.

I went into my mum's work on Friday to help her out with some admin stuff, because she has a big accreditation coming up, which is very serious (& she's the manager). So I worked as the secretary at the front desk, letting people in the front door (buzzing them in), stapling papers, sorting out forms, answering the phone etc. It was quite fun until I realised people kept spotting me spinning around in my chair and humming to myself. They probably think I'm mad. Rightfully so. It was quite busy though. I kept trying to find spots under the desk to take a nap without anyone noticing.

I'm also on this new.. health-kick thing. Which is code word for 'diet' or 'detox', but I refuse to acknowledge that. Basically I'm having smaller meal portions, having no alcohol, processed fats or sugars, and drinking lots of water and green tea. Now, as you can imagine, it's not the smaller meal portions that are killing me (although I would kill for a Nando's chicken burger right now), and it's not the sugar and fat ban. And I love green tea. And water, I suppose. It's the bloody alcohol ban that's crippling me. More than The Hunger Games (which is something I never thought I'd say). I just want a beer. Or a gin and tonic. Or a margarita. Or a cocktail. Or a scotch and coke. Anything. If I snap and kill somebody at the hairdressers or something, you'll know why.Wish me luck.

I also bought a backpack for university. I quite like it, I'm a bit unsure about it though. But I think it'll work. Apart from the above, nothing much has been happening. Same ridiculously hot weather (while the other side of the country is practically underwater). Same routines. Or lack thereof. I think I'll spend my two weeks of freedom desperately trying to pre-read all of my books (or most). Did I mention I'm also trying to read other books too? I'm still reading Sam Harris' "The Moral Landscape". And I have so many unread books on my bookshelf that I want to read. And I have fourteen days. Gulp. Should get a move on.

Ciao for now.