Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Well, it's only halfway through the month, but boy what a month it's been already. I've accomplished so much! Okay, well, not really. But it's been pretty full-on. Seems everything is happening at once.

Firstly, I must confess that I haven't done any more pre-reading for university. And before you tell me off (I don't know how you'd do that, but I'm sure you'd find a way), I know I'm only screwing myself over by not doing them. I procrastinate so often that I procrastinate while I'm procrastinating. It's terrible. So I fully accept that I will want to kick my own ass in about 6 weeks. In the meantime, I will continue to watch 30 Rock and Glee with my word puzzles and tea because I am just that cool. Moving on.

Secondly, I finally sent Gail's package. I've been meaning to send my last host mum (from rotary exchange) a package I'd put together full of Australian stuff, homemade stuff my mum made, bits & bobs, but I never got round to it. I meant to send it LAST MARCH. Yes, it's taken me 11 months to get off my ass and send it. Like I said, I procrastinate from my procrastination. So I went to the post office and sent it. It cost me $60 to send. 60. The lady behind the counter looked at the sending address and said "Um, just to let you know, the United States actually has an additional fee for any packages over 500 grams, okay?". I just laughed. Sometimes I can't stand America. I just replied "Of course they do" and paid the fucking fee. Bastards. As long as you're safe from terrorists, right guys? Pfht.

Thirdly, I called Vicki! Vicki is the mum of one of my friends from rotary exchange (gorgeous Liz), and she works in journalism/media, and I'd been meaning to get in touch with her about exploring my opportunities, that sort of thing, but I had lost her contact card. Anyway, long story short, I finally called her and I'm attending a "Women in Media" event on the 29th, where I'll see her face-to-face as well. YAY! Very nervous though. As a  girl, my first thought was, of course, "oh shit, what do I wear?". I have yet to find something. Somehow I don't think my jeans and Led Zeppelin shirt will be welcome. But that's just the impression I'm getting.

Fourthly, we made it Facebook official! Aha. Won't go into details because those reading this (Lol, anyone?) probably know me from Facebook or tumblr, so you know what the deal is. Basically, I am extremely happy with an amazing person. The Peeta to my Katniss! Although I am not as bloody emotionally oblivious as Katniss.

Fifthly (heading into weird sounding words now), I finished a few more books: The Moral Landscape, 1984, and Inside Wikileaks. Am now reading The Reader, although I've already read most of it years ago, and recently saw the film, so I know what it's about. Still, it's nice to read it again. This sentiment also has nothing to do with the fact that Kate Winslet is naked on the cover. God bless the movie.

Sixthly, I've basically ran out of things, but really wanted to say "sixthly". I have a going away party to attend this weekend for a friend who's moving to Melbourne (like everyone from Perth does, sigh). It's a theme party, which should be fun (I have yet to think of a costume), but I'm going to be pretty sad because I'm really going to miss him. Then university starts on Monday. 6am starts and 4pm finishes. This high that I am currently riding on seems to be evaporating fairly quickly as I type (melancholy laugh). Shall keep you informed of my shenanigans as the days progress!


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