Tuesday, 7 February 2012

This bitch..

Today I went to my local shopping centre (which is about a 15 min bus ride away) to take back a backpack I had bought for uni. I really liked it initially, but I sort of tried it out a few times, and realised it was quite uncomfortable, and today was the last day I could take it back to the store for a refund, so I went in.

I got to the counter and the two shop assistants were talking and giggling to each other ("bloody teenagers", says the 19 year old), so I sort of cleared my throat awkwardly (and at that moment realised I still had bed hair. Oops). Anyway, one of the girls comes to the counter to serve me, and I explain to her that I want to get a refund, I just didn't really like the bag, etc. I handed her the receipt and sort of looked around in what I can only describe as a shop that would always be too trendy and too expensive for me. She sort of examined the receipt, and scrutinised the bag closely and ran her fingers over it. I tried not to look at her too weirdly as she did that. Then finally she turns to me and says (in this "I'm-not-really-sorry-but-my-job-requires-me-to-sound-like-I-give-a-shit" voice), "Yeah, look, I'm really sorry about this, but we can't actually take this bag back and sell it; there's a run on the material at the top here (and she gestures to what appears to be a non-existent mark), so we can't give you a cash refund on it unfortunately." I sort of went "URGH" and sighed, perhaps a little too dramatically, and said, bloody irritated "So I can't get a refund or anything?". She said the best she could give me was store credit. Fuck. I grudgingly accepted and sulked off with my fucking store credit.

So now I have store credit for this stupid bloody hip store and no bag. I could've kept the bag, but I really didn't need it (or want it anymore), and felt that maybe I could get something I actually need in the future at the store (the store credit lasts for 6 months). I was just so irritated about that bitch's authority though. She looked about my age too. It's like, clearly this is the most power she can exercise over someone, so she's going to take full advantage of my dazed expression and haphazard hairdo. I suppose it could be worse, I could get nothing back. I was just extremely annoyed at how the whole situation played out. I felt like strangling her. I didn't even see a bloody run/mark on the bag. And naturally, the minute I start to walk away, I think of all the witty things I should've said. Alas.

This entry basically had no point whatsoever. I just felt the need to share my first-world woes with you. Continue about your day.


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