Friday, 10 February 2012

"I believe life is for the living."

Hello all. Recently I've been a tad... down in the dumps, shall we say, and I'm a bit tired of reflecting on the negatives of my life (lack of money, no job, inability to travel anywh- Oh god I'm doing it now! arggghhh!), so I've decided to create a post about the most amazing things I have done in my life to make myself feel better. So here we go. Also, keep in mind that most of this is recollection and I have the memory of goldfish, so this list may not be 100% complete.

1. Travelled to two third world countries (Mozambique in 2003 and Papua New Guinea in 2011).
2. Met a Holocaust survivor.
3. Did the polar bear dip in Canada (jumping into an ice lake when it's freezing outside).
4. Worked at a radio station as an intern.
5. Went quad biking/four wheeling in mountains in Idaho.
6. Met my three favourite comedians (Adam Hills, Frank Woodley, Arj Barker).
7. Went on rotary exchange for a year in 2010.
8. Been to New York City.
9. Stood outside the White House.
10. Went kayaking/canoeing with my best friend for 6 hours in the ocean.
11. Spontaneously went swimming at the beach wearing all my clothes (with the same best friend).
12. Laid down in a meadow all night with one of my best friends from the rotary tour (it doesn't sound that great, but it means so much to me).
13. Went skiing four times (three times in America, once in Australia).
14. Acquired a piece of the Berlin wall, and touched the ruins of the twin towers.
15. Was a half-time act at a concert (comedy act with one of my friends).
16. Attended 3 all-weekend festivals in total.
17. Been to Singapore over 8 times.
18. Had an article I wrote published in a music magazine.
19. Fell in love.

This is what leaps to mind at the moment. Some things may not be very significant to you, dear reader, but all of these things holds something special for me.


-Had lunch with 4 MPs at Government House
-Been on a road trip four times across/around Australia with my family
-Stood 2 metres away from the Queen (and she waved at me and my mum!!)
-Driven(?) a speed boat
-Been up the Empire State Building and the Space Needle
-Done some things in Nelson, British Columbia with rotary student that involve African tequila and herbs

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